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Reserving Packages and Nucs for 2023

Please read before purchase


Pickup Dates for 2023: Package pickups in Corvallis, OR will be scheduled for May 14th, with any overflow or available waitlist packages on May 15th.

Looking for bees in Portland? Glen at has Oso Honey Farm packages available for May 6th pickup.

Cancellations: If for any reason you need to cancel your order, a full refund will be delivered with two weeks minimum notice. Any cancellation less than two weeks before scheduled pickup will not be refunded.

Sold Out?: If we have sold out of the product you want, please email us at to get on the waitlist. We may also adjust the number of packages available to meet demand as needed.

Payment: For both our and your security, we are currently only accepting payments at checkout. You will be directed through the very simple set up process at checkout in order to pay with your credit card.


We want to remind that you that we do our best to provide you with high quality, healthy bees, but once they are in your care they are your responsibility alone. We strongly recommend that you have a plan in place for varroa mite treatment, disease mitigation and own proper safety equipment to ensure you and your hive have as much success as possible. We do not accept any liability for injury or damage caused by bees we have sold, nor for any other issue once the bees are in your possession.

2lbs, 3lbs or 4lbs of bees and Oregon-mated Queen. Smaller packages are only recommended if you already have drawn-out comb. A larger package is recommended if you need your bees to do the work of drawing out foundation frames. 


5-Frame Nucs

Nuc with 5 frames of bees. Includes 3 frames of brood/eggs, 2 frames of honey, and Oregon-mated queen. Only available for pickup May 21st

$210/each for pick up only in Corvallis, Oregon

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